Invocation List


Source Type Invocation Name Brief Description
CAr Essence Frightful Blast Target must make Will save or become shaken.
CAr Essence Sickening Blast Target must make Fortitude save or become sickened.
CAr Blast Eldritch Spear Blast range increases to 250 feet.
CAr Blast Hideous Blow Melee attack channels eldritch blast.
CAr Other Baleful Utterance Speak word of the Dark Speech and shatter objects as the shatter spell.
CAr Other Beguiling Influence Gain bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
CAr Other Breath of the Night Create a fog cloud as the spell.
CAr Other Dark One’s Own Luck Gain a luck bonus on one type of saves.
CAr Other Darkness Use darkness as the spell.
CAr Other Devil’s Sight See normally in darkness and magical darkness.
CAr Other Earthen Grasp Use earthen grasp as the spell.
CAr Other Entropic Warding Deflect incoming ranged attacks, leave no trail, and prevent being tracked by scent.
CAr Other Leaps and Bounds Gain bonus on Balance, Jump, and Tumble checks.
CAr Other Miasmic Cloud Create a cloud of mist that grants concealment and fatigues those who enter.
CAr Other See the Unseen Gain see invisibility as the spell and darkvision.
CAr Other Spiderwalk Gain spider climb as the spell and you are immune to webs.
CAr Other Summon Swarm Use summon swarm as the spell.
City Other Cocoon of Refuse: Subject is entangled by trash and detritus in an area.
CM Other All-Seeing Eyes: As comprehend languages on written material, bonus on Search and Spot checks.
CM Other Call of the Beast: Speak with animals and influence their behavior.
CM Essence Hammer Blast: Eldritch blast deals normal damage to objects.
CM Other Otherworldly Whispers: Gain bonus on Knowledge checks.
CM Other Serpent's Tongue: Gain the scent ability, +5 bonus on saves against poison.
CM Other Soulreaving Aura: As reaving aura, plus gain temporary hit points if nearby creature dies.
CM Other Swimming the Styx: Gain swim speed and ability to breathe water.
DrM Blast Eldritch Glaive: Blast becomes a glaive, which uses touch attacks to hit.
Source Type Invocation Name Brief Description
CAr Essence Beshadowed Blast Target must make Fortitude save or become blind for 1 round.
CAr Essence Brimstone Blast Blast deals fire damage and target must make Reflex save or catch fire.
CAr Essence Hellrime Blast Blast deals cold damage and target must make Fortitude save or take –2 penalty to Dexterity.
CAr Blast Eldritch Chain Blast jumps from initial target to secondary targets.
CAr Other Charm Cause a single creature to regard you as a friend.
CAr Other Curse of Despair Curse one creature as the bestow curse spell, or hinder their attacks.
CAr Other The Dead Walk Create undead as the animate dead spell.
CAr Other Fell flight Gain a fly speed with good maneuverability.
CAr Other Flee the Scene Use short-range dimension door as the spell, and leave behind a major image.
CAr Other Hungry Darkness Create shadows filled with a swarm of bats.
CAr Other Stony Grasp Use stony grasp as the spell.
CAr Other Voidsense Gain blindsense 30 feet.
CAr Other Voracious Dispelling Use dispel magic as the spell, causing damage to creatures whose effects are dispelled.
CAr Other Walk Unseen Use invisibility (self only) as the spell.
CAr Other Wall of Gloom Use wall of gloom as the spell.
City Other Thieves’ Bane: As hold portal, plus the portal explodes for 5d6 damage when forced open.
CM Essence Baneful Blast: Eldritch blast deals extra damage against specified creature type.
CM Other Cold Comfort: You and nearby allies protected by endure elements.
CM Other Crawling Eye: Your eye leaves your head and grows spidery legs, enabling it to scout for you.
CM Other Disembodied Hand: Detach one of your hands and send it forth to manipulate objects or attack.
CM Other Mask of Flesh: Touch attack imposes 1d6 Cha penalty and transforms you to look like target.
CM Other Relentless Dispelling: As targeted dispel magic, with additional targeted dispel magic the next turn.
CM Other Witchwood Step: Walk on water and move through some obstacles unimpeded.
DrM Essence Deteriorating Blast: Blast lowers damage reduction of target.
DrM Other Dread Seizure: Target moves at half speed and has a -5 penalty to attacks.
DrM Other Ignore the Pyre: Gain resistance to any energy type equal to your caster level.
DrM Other Weighty Utterance: Flying creature falls to ground.
DotU Other Spider-Shape: Take the form of a fiendish spider.
DotU Other Sudden Swarm: Creature killed by eldritch blast explodes into spiders.
Source Type Invocation Name Brief Description
CAr Essence Bewitching Blast Target must make Will save or be confused for 1 round.
CAr Essence Noxious Blast Target must make Fortitude save or be nauseated.
CAr Essence Repelling Blast Target must make Reflex save or be knocked back.
CAr Essence Vitriolic Blast Blast ignores spell resistance and deals acid damage for several rounds.
CAr Blast Eldritch Cone Blast takes the shape of a cone.
CAr Other Chilling Tentacles Use Evard’s black tentacles as the spell, and deal extra cold damage to creatures in the area.
CAr Other Devour Magic Use targeted greater dispel magic with a touch and gain temporary hit points based on the level of spells successfully dispelled.
CAr Other Enervating Shadow Gain total concealment in dark areas and impose a Strength penalty on adjacent living creatures.
CAr Other Tenacious Plague Use insect plague as the spell, but the summoned locust swarm deals damage as a magic weapon.
CAr Other Wall of Perilous flame Create a wall of fire as the spell, but half the damage from the wall results from supernatural power.
CAr Other Warlock’s Call Use sending as the spell, but risk damage from recipient.
City Other Devil’s Whispers: As suggestion, plus subject believes his actions were his own idea.
CM Other Caustic Mire: Acidic sludge slows progress, deals damage.
CM Other Hellspawned Grace: Transform into a hellcat for 1 round/2 warlock levels.
CM Other Hindering Blast: Target of your eldritch blast must succeed on a Will save or be slowed for 1 round.
CM Other Nightmares Made Real: Create illusory terrain that damages foes and allows you to hide.
CM Other Painful Slumber of Ages: Creature falls asleep, takes damage when awakened.
DrM Blast Dragonward: Resist dragon abilities.
DrM Other Eldritch Line: Blast becomes a 60ft line.
DrM Essence Penetrating Blast: Blast has +4 bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance, and target has spell resistance lowered.
Source Type Invocation Name Brief Description
CAr Essence Utterdark Blast Target must make Fortitude save or gain two negative levels.
CAr Blast Eldritch Doom Blast affects all enemies within 20 feet.
CAr Other Dark Discorporation Become a swarm of batlike shadows, gaining many benefits of the swarm subtype.
CAr Other Dark Foresight Use foresight as the spell, and communicate telepathically with a close target of the effect.
CAr Other Path of Shadow Use shadow walk as the spell and speed up natural healing.
CAr Other Retributive Invisibility Use greater invisibility as the spell (self only) that deals damage in a burst if dispelled.
CAr Other Word of Changing Use baleful polymorph as the spell, but the effect could become permanent.
CM Essence Binding Blast: Target of your eldritch blast must make Will save or be stunned for 1 round.
CM Other Caster's Lament: Your touch can break enchantment, and you can counterspell.
CM Other Steal Summoning: Take control of another caster's summoned monster.
DrM Other Impenetrable Barrier: Conjure wall of force as the spell.