Drow of the Underdark


Spider-Shape: Take the form of a fiendish spider.

Sudden Swarm: Creature killed by eldritch blast explodes into spiders.


Lesser; 3rd

You can transform yourself into the form of a Small or Medium fiendish monstrous spider.

The available range of sizes you can assume increases as your caster level increases.

Level Additional Size Available
8th Large
11th Tiny
15th Huge
20th Gargantuan

This invocation is a polymorph effect. It lasts for a number of hours equal to your caster level, or until you choose to end it.


Lesser; 4th

When you kill a living creature with one of your invocations (including eldritch blast), a swarm of spiders bursts from the corpse.

This swarm has the same statistics as a normal spider swarm (MM 239), except that you add your warlock level to its hit points and the save DC for its poison.

The swarm is entirely under your mental control, and fights as you direct it. Commanding the swarm is a free action.

The swarm remains for a number of rounds equal to your caster level or until it is destroyed. The swarm can take only a standard action in the round when it emerges.

At any given time, you can control only one of these swarms. If you slay a second creature when a previous swarm is still active, you can choose either to create a second swarm (in which case the first disappears) or to leave the first swarm active and not create a second one. Sudden swarm lasts for 24 hours or until its effect is triggered.