Spell List


Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Bless Water: Makes holy water.
Core Bless Weapon: Weapon strikes true against evil foes.
Core Bless: Allies gain +1 on attack rolls and +1 on saves against fear.
Core Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
Core Cure Light Wounds: Cures 1d8 damage +1/level (max +5).
Core Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or small object.
Core Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.
Core Divine Favor: You gain +1 per three levels on attack and damage rolls.
Core Endure Elements: Exist comfortably in hot or cold environments.
Core Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Core Protection from Chaos/Evil: +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
Core Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Core Resistance: Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Core Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.
Core Virtue: Subject gains 1 temporary hp.
BoED Divine Sacrifice: Sacrifice hit points for a damage bonus.
BoED Lantern Light: Ranged touch attacks deal 1d6 points of damage.
BoED Second Wind: Target gains the equivalent of the Endurance feat for 1 hour/level.
BoED Silvered Weapon: Transforms one weapon into a silvered weapon.
CAd Grave Strike Sneak attack undead creatures.
CC Summon Holy Symbol: Wooden holy symbol appears in your hand.
CD Divine Sacrifice: You sacrifice hit points to deal extra damage.
CD Golden barding: Your mount gets force armor.
CD Resurgence: You grant subject a second chance at a saving throw.
CD Traveler’s Mount: Creature moves faster but can’t attack.
City Detect Weaponry: Reveals weapons within 60 feet.
City Peacebond: Weapon is impossible to draw.
DrM Soul of Order: Gain +2 on Will saves to resist enchantments, your natural weapons are lawful-aligned, and you are treated as being lawful-aligned for adjudicating effects.
FC1 Exorcism: Drive a fiend out of the body of a creature or object it possesses.
HoB Blaze of Light: 60-ft. cone of light dazzles creatures.
MoI Detect Incarnum: Detect soulmelds and essentia within 60 feet.
MoI Protection from Incarnum: Ward a target from attacks by soulmelds and incarnum creatures.
MH Bless Weapon, Swift: Weapon strikes true against evil foes for 1 round (swift).
MH Lionheart: Subject gains immunity to fear.
Planar Axiomatic Water: Makes lawful-aligned anarchic water.
Planar Resist Planar Alignment: Subject can resist penalties for being of an opposed alignment on an aligned Outer Plane.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Bull’s Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
Core Delay Poison: Stops poison from harming subject for 1 hour/level.
Core Eagle’s Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Core Owl’s Wisdom: Subject gains +4 to Wis for 1 min./level.
Core Remove Paralysis: Frees one or more creatures from paralysis or slow effect.
Core Resist Energy: Ignores 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Core Shield Other: You take half of subject’s damage.
Core Undetectable Alignment: Conceals alignment for 24 hours.
Core Zone of Truth: Subjects within range cannot lie.
BoED Call Mount: Call your special mount, even if you have already called it today.
BoED Estanna’s Stew: Conjures stew that heals 1d6+1 per serving.
BoED Moment of Clarity: Target immediately makes a new saving throw to resist a mind-affecting spell or effect.
CAd Divine Insight Gain a bonus to any skill.
CC Benediction: Subject gains a +2 luck bonus on saves, can reroll one attack roll, save, skill check, or ability check.
CC Conduit of Life: Heal 2dl0+1/caster level (max. 10) points of damage to yourself while channeling positive energy.
CC Divine Presence: Gain a +5, +10, or +15 bonus on Intimidate checks against those who don't worship your deity.
CC Master Cavalier: Gain a +10 bonus on Ride checks, or +20 with special mount; use with other spells grants mount fly speed.
CC Summon Holy Symbol: Wooden holy symbol appears in your hand.
CC Touch of Restoration: Use part of your lay on hands ability to cure 1 point of ability damage.
CC Turn Anathema: Use your turn/rebuke ability to turn creatures with the opposing alignment subtype.
CD Blessed Aim: +2 bonus for allies’ ranged attacks.
CD Zeal: You move through foes to attack the enemy you want.
DrM Soul of Light: Healing spells cast by or on you have greater effect.
Drac Cloak of Bravery: You and your allies gain a bonus on saves against fear.
Drac Shield of Warding: Shield grants +1 bonus on Reflex saves, +1 per five levels (max +5).
FC2 Denounce: Target outsider takes –4 on attacks, saves, and checks.
MH Holy Spurs: Special mount’s speed increases by 40 ft. for 1 round (swift).
MH Divine Protection: Allies gain +1 to AC, saves.
MH Quick March: Allies’ speed increases by 30 ft. for 1 round.
MH Righteous Fury: Subject deals double damage on charges.
PHBII Crown of Smiting: +2 damage bonus, discharge to gain +8 damage on single attack.
PHBII Mark of Doom: Subject takes 1d6 damage for each hostile action.
RoD Insignia of Alarm: Alert bearers of special insignia.
RoS Stone Fist Unarmed attack damage increases, does not provoke attacks of oppurtunity. Dwarves and Goliaths overcome damage reduction.
Sand Freedom of Breath: Protects against suffocation and dangerous vapors.
Sand Hydrate: Heals dessication damage.
Storm Steed of the Seas: Make your special mount amphibious.
ToM True Prayer of the Faithful: Allies gain +1 bonus on most rolls.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Cure Moderate Wounds: Cures 2d8 damage +1/level (max +10).
Core Daylight: 60-ft. radius of bright light.
Core Discern Lies: Reveals deliberate falsehoods.
Core Dispel Magic: Cancels spells and magical effects.
Core Heal Mount: As heal on warhorse or other special mount.
Core Magic Circle against Chaos: As protection from chaos, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Core Magic Circle against Evil: As protection from evil, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Core Magic Weapon, Greater: +1 bonus/four levels (max +5).
Core Prayer: Allies +1 bonus on most rolls, enemies –1 penalty.
Core Remove Blindness/Deafness: Cures normal or magical conditions.
Core Remove Curse: Frees object or person from curse.
BoED Blessed Sight: Evil auras become visible to you.
BoED Mind Bond: You and your mount gain +4 flanking bonus when flanking the same opponent; mount gains bonus on attack rolls.
BoED Smite Heretic: You gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack roll and deal extra damage with your smite evil ability when used against an evil creature that can cast divine spells.
CC Deific Bastion: Your shield or armor gains a +1 enhancement bonus plus a special ability that varies by deity.
CC War-Mount: Your mount gains a +2 enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls with its natural weapons; use with other spells grants mount fly speed.
CD Blessing of Bahamut: You gain damage reduction 10/magic.
CD Resurgence, Mass: As resurgence, but multiple targets.
CM Enduring Scrutiny: Become aware when target performs designated action.
Drac Fell the Greatest Foe: Deal extra damage to creatures larger than Medium.
Drac Find the Gap: Your attacks ignore armor and natural armor.
Frost Binding Snow: Snow freezes, impeding movement.
LM Undead Bane Weapon: Weapon gains undead bane property and is considered good-aligned.
LoM Invoke the Cerulean Sign: Aberrations become sickened, nauseated, dazed, or stunned.
HoH Resist Taint: Bestows +4 bonus on saves against taint.
MH Angelskin: Lawful good creature gains DR 10/silver and evil.
Planar Holy Storm: Good-aligned rain falls in 20-ft. radius.
Planar Mantle of Good/Law: You gain SR 12 + caster level against spells with opposite alignment descriptor.
ToM Bane of the Archrival: +4 to AC and saves, counter mind control, and keep specific truenamed enemy away.
ToM True Prayer of the Chosen: You gain +3 AC and save bonus.
PHBII Healing Spirit: Ball of light heals 1d8/round.
RoD Insignia of Blessing: Bearers of special insignia gain +1 bonus on attack rolls and saves against fear.
RoD Insignia of Warding: Bearers of special insignia gain +1 to AC, Fortitude saves.
RoS Earth Hammer Melee weapon's damage increases and becomes bludgeoning, considered adamantine.
WoL Revitalize Legacy, Least: Get extra use of chosen least legacy ability.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Break Enchantment: Frees subjects from enchantments, alterations, curses, and petrification.
Core Cure Serious Wounds: Cures 3d8 damage +1/level (max +15).
Core Death Ward: Grants immunity to death spells and negative energy effects.
Core Dispel Chaos: +4 bonus against attacks by chaotic creatures.
Core Dispel Evil: +4 bonus against attacks by evil creatures.
Core Holy Sword: Weapon becomes +5, deals +2d6 damage against evil.
Core Mark of Justice: Designates action that will trigger curse on subject.
Core Neutralize Poison: Immunizes subject against poison, detoxifies venom in or on subject.
Core Restoration: Restores level and ability score drains.
BoED Blood of the Martyr: You heal a target at range and take a like amount of damage.
BoED Glory of the Martyr: As shield other, but with multiple targets.
BoED Lesser Aspect of the Deity: Your form becomes more like your deity’s.
BoED Sacred Haven: Target gains +2 sacred bonus to AC and retains Dex bonus to AC when flat-footed; you can heal target using lay on hands at range.
BoED Sword of Conscience: Evil creature confesses crimes, takes Wisdom damage.
BoED Winged Mount: Your mount sprouts wings and gains a fly speed of 60 ft. (good).
CC Aligned Aura: Grant combat bonuses to like-aligned allies and impose penalties on creatures of opposing alignment.
CC Bolster Aura: Subject's aura strengthens as if it had 1 HD/two caster levels more than it actually does.
CC Moral Facade: Divination spells give a false alignment reading.
CC Phantom Charge: Mount teleports forward 5ft./two caster levels; use with other spells grants mount fly speed.
CC Sacred Item: Target object deals ld4/caster level (max. 10d4) points of positive energy damage to the next undead, evil outsider, or evil shapechanger that touches it; undead must also save or flee for ld4 minutes.
CC Subdue Aura: Subject's aura weakens as if it had 1 HD/two caster levels fewer than it actually does.
CD Revenance: Restores dead creature to life for 1 min./level.
CD Sacred Haven: Creature gains AC bonus, and you can monitor and heal it magically
CD Spiritual Chariot: Creates ghostly chariot behind your mount.
CD Visage of the Deity, Lesser: You gain +4 Cha and resis- tance 10 to certain energy types.
CD Weapon of the Deity: Your weapon gains enhancement bonus and special ability.
CD Winged Mount: Your mount grows wings and ?ies at speed of 60 ft.
Drac Draconic Might: Gain +5 to Str, Con, Cha; +4 natural armor; immunity to magic sleep effects and paralysis.
Frost Aura of Cold, Lesser: Intense cold deals 1d6 damage to creatures within 5 ft.
HoB Battlefield Illumination: Improve light in 80-ft.-radius cylinder.
MoI Valiant Spirit: Subject can activate bonus on attack, damage, Fort saves, and Str-based checks for 1 minute.
MH Righteous Aura: You detonate on death, healing good creatures and damaging others (2d6/level damage).
Planar Axiomatic Storm: Lawful-aligned rain falls in 20-ft. radius.
PHBII Blessing of the Righteous: Weapons deal +1d6 holy damage and become good-aligned.
PHBII Divine Retaliation: Weapon appears and strikes those who attack you.
PHBII Meteoric Strike: Melee attack deals an extra 1d6 damage + 1d6/4 levels; adjacent creatures take half damage.