Spell List


Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Alarm: Wards an area for 2 hours/level.
Core Arcane Mark: Inscribes a personal rune (visible or invisible).
Core Augment Familiar: Your familiar becomes more powerful.
Core Cause Fear: One creature of 5 HD or less flees for 1d4 rounds.
Core Charm Person: Makes one person your friend.
Core Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Core Disguise Self: Changes your appearance.
Core Entropic Shield: Ranged attacks against you have 20% miss chance.
Core Expeditious Retreat: Your speed increases by 30 ft.
Core Identify: Determines properties of magic item.
Core Light: Object shines like a torch.
Core Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
Core Mount: Summons riding horse for 2 hours/level.
Core Nystul’s Magic Aura: Alters object’s magic aura.
Core Phantom Threat: Subject thinks it’s flanked.
Core Prestidigitation: Performs minor tricks.
Core Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law: +2 to AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders.
Core Read Magic: Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Core Sleep: Puts 4 HD of creatures into magical slumber.
Core Tasha’s Hideous Laughter: Subject loses actions for 1 round/level.
Core Undetectable Alignment: Conceals alignment for 24 hours.
Core Unseen Servant: Invisible force obeys your commands.
CArc Backbiter: Wooden-hafted weapon strikes wielder.
CAdv Distract Assailant: Swift. One creature is flat-footed for 1 round.
CM Bloodletting: Your light weapon creates bleeding wound that deals an extra 1d6 damage per round.
CM Catsfeet: Reroll a Balance, Climb, Jump, or Move Silently check with +5 bonus.
CM Death's Call: Scream deals 1 point of damage/level (more to swarms), fatigues all within 10 feet.
CM Karmic Aura: Any creature damaging you becomes fatigued for 3 rounds.
CM Reaving Aura: All creatures below 0 hit points within 10 feet of you take 1 point of damage.
CS Armor Lock: Target’s armor becomes restrictive, slowing movement to 10 ft
CS Mage Burr: Double arcane spell failure chance for target’s armor.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Alter Self: Assume form of a similar creature.
Core Blindness/Deafness: Makes subject blind or deaf.
Core Bull’s Strength: Subject gains +4 to Str for 1 min./level.
Core Darkness: 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow.
Core Eagle’s Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Cha for 1 min./level.
Core Enthrall: Captivates all within 100 ft. + 10 ft./level.
Core False Life: Gain 1d10 temporary hp +1/level (max. +10).
Core Glitterdust: Blinds creatures, outlines invisible creatures.
Core Invisibility: Subject is invisible for 1 min./level or until it attacks.
Core Mirror Image: Creates decoy duplicates of you (1d4 +1 per three levels, max 8).
Core Protection from Arrows: Subject immune to most ranged attacks.
Core Pyrotechnics: Turns fire into blinding light or choking smoke.
Core Rage: Gives +2 to Str and Con, +1 on Will saves, –2 to AC.
Core Resist Energy: Ignores first 10 (or more) points of damage/attack from specified energy type.
Core See Invisibility: Reveals invisible creatures or objects.
Core Spider Climb: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
Core Suggestion: Compels subject to follow stated course of action.
Core Summon Swarm: Summons swarm of bats, rats, or spiders.
Core Touch of Idiocy: Subject takes 1d6 points of Int, Wis, and Cha damage.
CArc Phantasmal Assailants: Nightmare creatures strike target for 4 Wis damage, 4 Dex damage.
CArc Whirling Blade: Hurled slashing weapon magically attacks all foes in 60-ft. line.
CAdv Critical Strike: Swift. For 1 round you gain +1d6 damage, doubled threat range, and +4 on attack rolls to confirm critical hits.
CAdv Invisibility, Swift: Swift. You are invisible for 1 round or until you attack.
CM Animate Weapon: Weapon animates and fight for you.
CM Arcane Turmoil: Targeted dispel magic on one subject, and subject loses one spell.
CM Bothersome Babble: Subject's speech becomes incoherent; second casting makes speech painful.
CM Karmic Backlash: Any creature damaging you becomes exhausted for 2 rounds.
HoB Crisis of Confidence: Target loses commander rating, aura; can’t add Cha to rally checks.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Arcane Sight: Magical auras become visible to you.
Core Charm Monster: Makes monster believe it is your ally.
Core Confusion: Subjects behave oddly for 1 round/level.
Core Deep Slumber: Puts 10 HD of creatures to sleep.
Core Dispel Magic: Cancels magical spells and effects.
CWar Hound of Doom: Creates shadowy protector.
Core Invisibility Sphere: Makes everyone within 10 ft. invisible.
Core Magic Weapon, Greater: +1/four levels (max. +5).
Core Nondetection: Hides subject from divination, scrying.
Core Phantom Steed: Magic horse appears for 1 hour/level.
Core Poison: Touch deals 1d10 points of Con damage, repeats in 1 min.
Core Protection from Energy: Absorb 12 points/level of damage from one kind of energy.
Core Repel Vermin: Insects, spiders, and other vermin stay 10 ft. away.
Core Slow: One subject/level takes only one action/round, –2 to AC and attack rolls.
Core Stinking Cloud: Nauseating vapors, 1 round/level.
Core Vampiric Touch: Touch deals 1d6 points of damage/two levels; caster gains damage as hp.
Core Wind Wall: Deflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gases.
CAdv Spectral Weapon: Swift. Use quasi-real weapon to make touch attacks.
CM Hood of the Cobra: You appear serpentine to target, and can deliver illusory poison bites.
CM Nightmare Terrain: Create patch of illusory terrain that hinders foes and allows you to hide.
CM Phantasmal Strangler: Nightmare grapples and strangles one foe.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Baleful Polymorph: Transforms subject into harmless animal.
Core Break Enchantment: Frees subjects from enchantments, alterations, curses, and petrification.
Core Contact Other Plane: Lets you ask question of extraplanar entity.
Core Cursed Blade: Wounds dealt by weapon can’t be healed without remove curse.
Core Detect Scrying: Alerts you of magical eavesdropping.
Core Dimension Door: Teleports you short distance.
Core Dominate Person: Controls humanoid telepathically.
Core Enervation: Subject gains 1d4 negative levels.
Core Fear: Subjects within cone flee for 1 round/level.
Core Invisibility, Greater: As invisibility, but subject can attack and stay invisible.
Core Phantasmal Killer: Fearsome illusion kills subject or deals 3d6 points of damage.
Core Polymorph: Gives one willing subject a new form.
Core Scrying: Spies on subject from a distance.
Core Sending: Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.
Core Solid Fog: Blocks vision and slows movement.
CArc Assay Resistance: +10 bonus on caster level checks to defeat one creature’s spell resistance.
CArc Unluck: Target remakes all rolls, uses worse result for 1 round/level.
CAdv Shadow Form: Gain +4 on Hide, Move Silently, and Escape Artist checks, and concealment; you can move through obstacles if you have ranks in Escape Artist.
CM Finger of Agony: Deals 3d6 damage per round and nauseates or sickens target.
CM Horrid Sickness: Subjects are nauseated or sickened.
CM Karmic Retribution: Any creature damaging you becomes stunned for 1 round.
CM Unseen Strike: Invisibility effect triggered to activate the instant you successfully attack someone.
CS Spell Theft: Dispel spells on target and gain their beneft for yourself.
HoB Early Twilight: Reduce light in 80-ft.-radius cylinder.