Spell List


Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Disguise Self: Changes your appearance.
Core Detect Poison: Detects poison in one creature or object.
Core Feather Fall: Objects or creatures fall slowly.
Core Ghost Sound: Figment sounds.
Core Jump: Subject gets bonus on Jump checks.
Core Obscuring Mist: Fog surrounds you.
Core Sleep: Puts 4 HD of creatures into magical slumber.
Core True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll.
CAd Critical Strike: Become more likely to hit a creature's vitals.
CAd Distract Assailant: Make one creature flat-footed.
CAd Insightful Feint: Your next feint is particularly effective.
CAd Instant Locksmith: Make an open lock or disable device check as a free action.
CAd Instant Search: Make a search check as a free action.
CAd Sniper's Shot: Next attack is a sneak attack regardless of distance.
CAr Low-Light Vision Target gains lowlight vision.
CM Bloodletting: Next attack makes creature bleed out.
CM Catsfeet: Reroll a Balance, Climb, Jump, or Move Silently check with +5 bonus.
CM Critical Strike: Next attack ignores concealment.
CM Reaving Aura: All creatures below 0 hit points within 10 feet of you take 1 point of damage.
CM Vigilant Slumber: Set specific conditions under which you immediately wake up.
CS Healer’s Vision: Gain +5 bonus on Heal checks, and +2 attack and damage on sneak attacks
CS Mimicry: Perfectly mimic familiar sounds, voices, or accents
City Secret Weapon: Makes hidden weapon almost impossible to detect.
DotU Combat Readiness: Target gains +1 per three levels on initiative checks; no bonus from being flanked.
DotU Shadow Double: Shadowy figure attacks enemies.
DotU Snuff the Light: Extinguish one nonmagical light source.
MH Lightfoot: Your move does not provoke attacks of opportunity for 1 round (swift).
PHBII Blade of Blood: Weapon deals +1d6 damage, or +3d6 if you take 5 points of damage.
RoD Rooftop Strider: Move across uneven surfaces with ease.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Alter Self: Assume form of a similar creature.
Core Cat’s Grace: Subject gains +4 to Dex for 1 min./level.
Core Darkness: 20-ft. radius of supernatural shadow.
Core Fox’s Cunning: Subject gains +4 to Int for 1 min./level.
Core Illusory Script: Only intended reader can decipher.
Core Invisibility: Subject is invisible for 1 min./level or until it attacks.
Core Pass without Trace: One subject/level leaves no tracks.
Core Spider Climb: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
Core Undetectable Alignment: Conceals alignment for 24 hours.
CAd Invisibility, Swift: Short lived invisibility.
CAd Iron Silence: Your armor does not hinder attempts to be stealthy.
CAd Wraithstrike: Next attack is a touch attack.
CAr Fire Shuriken: Create shurikens of fire.
CAr Ice Knife: Magical Shard of ice chills target.
CM Animate Weapon: A weapon animates and fights for you.
CM Near Horizon: Remove increment-based penalties on ranged attacks.
CM Summon Weapon: Create normal, nonmagical light weapon.
CS Smoke Stairs: Walk up a column of smoke as if it were solid
City False Peacebond: As peacebond, but subject can draw weapon freely.
LM Blade of Pain and Fear: Creates blade of gnashing teeth.
MoI Divest Essentia: Target’s essentia becomes uninvested.
MoI Soul Blight: Deal 1d4 + 1 per three caster levels essentia damage to foe.
MH Invisibility, Swift: Invisibility lasts 1 round (swift).
MH Veil of Shadow: Darkness grants you concealment.
PHBII Increase Virulence: Poison’s DC increases by 2.
RotW Returning Weapon: Thrown weapon returns to thrower.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Deep Slumber: Puts 10 HD of creatures to sleep.
Core Deeper Darkness: Object sheds supernatural shadow in 60-ft. radius.
Core False Life: Gain 1d10 temporary hp +1/level (max +10).
Core Magic Circle against Good: As protection spells, but 10-ft. radius and 10 min./level.
Core Misdirection: Misleads Divinations for one creature or object.
Core Nondetection: Hides subject from divination, scrying.
CAd Absorb Weapon: Hide weapon in your body.
CAd Spectral Weapon: Create a weapon of shadow that bypasses armor.
CM Enduring Scrutiny: Become aware when target performs designated action.
CM Nightmare Terrain: Create patch of illusory terrain that hinders foes and allows you to hide.
CM Pall of Twilight: Veil of shadow impedes sight and sound.
CM Rusted Blade: Touched weapon delivers filth fever.
CM Toxic Tongue: Spit poison or apply it to a weapon.
CM Vital Strike: Next attack is a sneak attack.
CS Create Fetch: Craft a temporary duplicate of yourself that follows telepathic orders
Drac Fell the Greatest Foe: Deal extra damage to creatures larger than Medium.
Drac Find the Gap: Your attacks ignore armor and natural armor.
LM Fangs of the Vampire King: Grow vampire fangs.
MoI Rend Essentia: Deal Charisma damage or essentia damage to foe; gain essentia.
MoI Unbind Chakra: Sever one chakra bind per four caster levels; deal 1d6 + 1d6/essentia damage per bind severed.
Source Spell Name Brief Description
Core Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: Hear or see at a distance for 1 min./level.
Core Dimension Door: Teleports you short distance.
Core Freedom of Movement: Subject moves normally despite impediments.
Core Glibness: You gain +30 bonus on Bluff checks, and your lies can escape magical discernment.
Core Invisibility, Greater: As invisibility, but subject can attack and stay invisible.
Core Locate Creature: Indicates direction to familiar creature.
Core Modify Memory: Changes 5 minutes of subject’s memories.
Core Poison: Touch deals 1d10 Con damage, repeats in 1 min.
CAd Shadow Form: Wrap yourself in darkness for concealment, and the ability to pass through barriers.
CAd Sniper's Eye: Gain benefits to long-range attacking.
CAr Heart Ripper: Instantly slay many weak creatures.
CM Deathsight: Make a death attack without observation.
CM Mordenkainen’s Trusted Bloodhound: Create a ferocious hound that tracks and attacks foes.
CM Unseen Strike: Turn invisible after your next attack.
CS Assassin's Darkness: Create a globe of absolute darkness that only you can see in.
CW Cursed Blade: Weapon deal unhealing damage.
Drac Hide from Dragons: Dragons can’t perceive one subject/two levels.
Drac Vulnerability: Reduces an opponent’s damage reduction.
DrM Ferocity of Sanguine Rage: Gain bonus on melee damage rolls and one use of true strike.
MoI Soulbleed: Melee weapon drains 1 point of essentia per hit.