Invocation List


Invocation Name Brief Description
Aquatic Adaptation: Breathe and use breath weapon underwater; gain swim speed.
Beguiling Influence: Gain bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
Breath of the Night: Create a fog cloud as the spell.
Darkness: Create darkness as the spell.
Deafening Roar: Cone of sound deafens creatures.
Draconic Knowledge: Gain bonus on Knowledge and Spellcraft checks.
Endure Exposure: Use endure elements as the spell; target gains immunity to your breath weapon.
Magic Insight: Detect magical auras; identify magic items.
Scalding Gust: Use gust of wind as the spell; any creature in area takes fire damage equal to your level.
See the Unseen: Gain darkvision; gain see invisibility as the spell.
Invocation Name Brief Description
Charm: Cause a single creature to regard you as a friend.
Draconic Flight: Sprout wings and fly at good maneuverability; fly longer overland.
Energy Resistance: Gain resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage.
Enthralling Voice: Make nearby creatures fascinated.
Frightful Presence: Make nearby creatures shaken.
Humanoid Shape: Take the form of any humanoid creature.
Voidsense: Gain blindsense out to 30 feet.
Voracious Dispelling: Use dispel magic as the spell, dealing damage to creatures whose effects are dispelled.
Walk Unseen: Use invisibility (self only) as the spell.
Invocation Name Brief Description
Aura of Flame: Aura deals fire damage to creatures that strike you.
Baleful Geas: A single creature becomes your servant, but slowly sickens and dies.
Chilling Fog: Create solid fog that deals cold damage.
Devour Magic: Use targeted greater dispel magic with a touch and gain temporary hit points based on the level of spells successfully dispelled.
Draconic Toughness: Gain temporary hit points equal to your level.
Terrifying Roar: Use fear as the spell; creatures shaken by effect can't attack you.
Wingstorm: Create powerful gusts of wind with your invocation-granted wings.
Invocation Name Brief Description
Draconic Flight, Greater: Sprout wings and fly at perfect maneuverability; gain overland speed.
Energy Immunity: Gain immunity to acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage.
Instill Vulnerability: Make target creature vulnerable to chosen energy type.
Perilous Veil: Use veil as the spell; anyone succeeding on Will save to negate the illusion takes damage.