Stormwrack Feats

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Aquatic Shot* Point Blank Shot Use ranged weapons underwater more accurately
Blackwater Invocation Ability to channel negative energy Make water within 30 ft. radius bitterly cold
Breathing Link Aquatic elf or water genasi, base Will save +2 Share your breathe water ability with another
Clever Wrestling Small or Medium size, Improved Unarmed Strike Gain bonus to escape being grappled by larger creatures
Curling Wave Strike* Dex 13, Improved Trip Gain a trip attack
Expert Swimmer Swim 4 ranks, Endurance Hold your breath longer, swim faster
Flying Fish Leap Jump 8 ranks, Swim 4 ranks Leap out of water without penalty
Great Captain Profession (sailor) 7 ranks, Knowledge (geography) 7 ranks, Leadership Use aid another to assist everyone aboard your ship
Landwalker Aquatic elf Triple how long you can stay out of water
Old Salt Profession (sailor) 5 ranks +1 bonus on Balance, Profession (sailor), Use Rope; predict weather
Rapid Swimming Natural swim speed, base Fortitude save +2 Swim speed improves by 20 ft.
Sahuagin Flip* Swim speed, Dex 13, Dodge Attack then withdraw in the same round
Sailorís Balance Profession (sailor) 4 ranks +5 bonus on shipboard Balance checks
Sanctify Water Cha 13+, ability to channel positive energy Convert water within 20 ft. radius into holy water
Scourge of the Seas Cha 15, Intimidate 5 ranks Intimidate other ships with your sinister reputation
Sea Legs ó +2 bonus on shipboard Balance and Tumble checks, +1 initiative
Shipís Mage Profession (sailor) 2 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks Spells you cast aboard your ship gain +1 caster level
Steam Magic Spellcraft 4 ranks Cast fire spells into water without Spellcraft check
Storm Magic ó Spells you cast that affect storms gain +1 caster level
Sunken Song Bardic music, Perform (sing) 4 ranks Produce bardic music effects underwater
Swim-By Attack Swim speed Attack as you swim past your opponent
Toothed Blow Str 13, Improved Unarmed Strike Your unarmed strikes avoid the usual underwater penalties
Water Adaptation Aquatic half-elf Breathe water and air equally well, gain swim speed 20 ft.
Windsinger Bardic music, Perform (sing or wind instruments) 5 ranks Use bardic music to alter the windís direction or intensity

* A fighter can select this feat as one of his bonus feats.


You have developed the technique of firing a ranged weapon into or through the water with better accuracy than normal, striking at just the right angle to allow it to slice through the obstruction with precision.

Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot.

Benefit: You can employ ranged weapons underwater at a reduced range increment. You do not take the normal penalty for making a ranged attack through water.

Thrown Weapons: You can use thrown piercing weapons underwater with a –2 penalty for every 5 feet of water passed through, in addition to any range increment penalties.

Missile Weapons: You can use bows and crossbows underwater with a –2 penalty for every 10 feet of water passed through, in addition to any range increment penalties.

Aquatic Longbow: You can fire an aquatic longbow (see page 107) underwater with a range increment of 30 feet In addition, water does not provide any cover against your ranged attacks if you are out of the water and firing at a target in the water.

If your weapon’s range increment is different underwater than it is above the water, count the water surface as the beginning of a new range increment, and use your underwater range increment after the point at which your weapon strikes the water.

Normal: Thrown weapons are not useable underwater. Ranged attacks through water normally receive a penalty of –2 for every 5 feet of water they pass through. An aquatic longbow has a range increment of 10 feet underwater. A target in water has improved cover or total cover against attacks from out of the water.


You can call upon negative energy to infuse normal water around you, transforming it into the dark, cold water found at the bottom of deepest ocean trenches. This feat is favored by the clerics of wicked sea gods and the masters of the deep pelagic abysses.

Prerequisite: Ability to channel negative energy.

Benefit: By expending a daily rebuke undead attempt, you can infuse the water around you for a 30-foot radius with negative energy. The water darkens and becomes bitterly cold for 10 minutes. Those entering the water who are not protected from cold must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or take 1d6 nonlethal damage.

This damage is the same kind of damage dealt by cold weather and is only taken once (as it would have to last a full hour to deal damage again). However, those leaving the area and then returning to it must make another saving throw or take further damage, since their warmed bodies are chilled once again.

Those wearing warm clothing or otherwise protected from the cold (whether by any amount of resistance to cold or the endure elements spell) take no damage from this effect. Additionally, those within the area of affected water gain concealment.

Those with the ability to channel negative energy are immune to the cold effects of this feat but are still subject to its concealment miss chance.


You can allow a person adjacent to you to breathe water.

Prerequisites: Aquatic elf or water genasi, base Will save +2.

Benefit: As a free action on your turn, you can select one creature within 5 feet of you and give that creature the ability to breathe water as easily as you do. This supernatural ability renews automatically for that creature until you direct the ability to another creature or withdraw your power from it (a free action).

The creature’s ability to breathe water ends immediately if you are separated by more than 5 feet or if you die, at which point the creature begins to drown if it is still underwater. This ability does not hamper the creature’s ability to breathe air, nor does it change the creature’s ability (or inability) to swim.

Special: You can select this feat more than once. Each time you take this feat, you can affect an additional creature with this ability. All such creatures need to remain within 5 feet of you (not each other). If one creature exceeds the range of this power, its subsequent distress has no effect on the other creatures you are helping.


You have a better than normal chance to escape or wriggle free from a big creature’s grapple or pin.

Prerequisites: Small or Medium size, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit:When your opponent is Large or larger, you gain a circumstance bonus on your grapple check to escape a grapple or pin. The size of the bonus depends on your opponent’s size.

Opponent Size Bonus
Large +2
Huge +4
Gargantuan +6
Colossal +8

Mimicking the forceful power of the wave, you can trip multiple foes as part of the same strike.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Improved Trip.

Benefit: If you trip an opponent in melee combat, you can immediately make another trip attempt against another foe within reach at the same total attack bonus as the first trip attack. This replaces the free attack you would normally get against the tripped opponent (from the Improved Trip feat). If you successfully trip a second opponent, you do not get a free attack against that opponent.

You can use this feat only once per round.

Normal: A character with Improved Trip who trips an opponent in melee gets a free attack against that opponent.


You swim like a fish. You can stay underwater far longer than others of your race, and you are at home in the water.

Prerequisite: Swim 4 ranks, Endurance.

Benefit: You can hold your breath for 3 rounds per point of Constitution. You gain a +4 bonus on Constitution checks made to continue holding your breath. On a successful Swim check, you swim your land speed (as a full-round action) or half your land speed (as a move action). Your natural swim speed increases by 10 feet, if you have a swim speed.

Normal: You can hold your breath for a number of rounds equal to twice your Constitution before you are at risk of drowning. On a successful Swim check, you swim half your land speed as a full-round action, or one-quarter your land speed as a move action.


You can hurl yourself out of the water with ease.

Prerequisites: Jump 8 ranks, Swim 4 ranks.

Benefit:When leaping out of the water with a high jump, you ignore the penalty on the Jump check. In addition, you can fling yourself over the surface of the water when you make a high jump, leaping laterally just as far as you leap vertically. Use the result of your high jump check to determine the distance traveled with a long jump.

Normal: Jump checks incur a –10 penalty when making a high jump out of water.


You are a master pilot and battle leader; your crew anticipates your every command and leaps to do your bidding.

Prerequisites: Profession (sailor) 7 ranks, Knowledge (geography) 7 ranks, Leadership.

Benefit: If you are in command of a vessel, you can use the aid another action to assist all other persons on board who are performing the same action in the current round—for example, making an attack, making Profession (siege engineer) checks, making Profession (sailor) checks, and so forth. Commanding the vessel in combat is a move action for you.

Normal: You can only use the aid another action to assist one character at a time. Commanding a vessel in combat requires a standard action.


You can survive out of the water for a longer period of time than most of your kind.

Prerequisite: Aquatic elf.

Benefit: You can survive out of the water for 3 hours per point of Constitution. After this point you must make a Fortitude saving throw each hour (DC 15, + 1 for each previous check) or you begin to suffocate.

Normal: Aquatic elves can survive out of water for 1 hour per point of Constitution; after this point they begin to suffocate.


You are an old hand at shipboard life, having mastered the myriad skills that are required of the experienced sailor. Additionally, you have an eye for the weather.

Prerequisites: Profession (sailor) 5 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on Balance, Profession (sailor), and Use Rope checks. Additionally, you can use a Profession (sailor) check to predict the weather (as described in the Survival skill on page 83 of the Player’s Handbook).

Normal: Survival is normally used to predict the weather.


You are one with the water.

Prerequisite: Natural swim speed, base Fortitude save +2.

Benefit: Your swim speed increases by 20 feet.


You can safely attack and withdraw underwater.

Prerequisites: Swim speed, Dex 13, Dodge.

Benefit: After making a single melee attack, you can use the withdraw action (moving up to twice your swim speed) as a move action. You can only use this feat while swimming.

Normal:Withdrawing from combat is a full-round action (see page 143 of the Player’s Handbook).


You are experienced with the rolling decks of the ship and maintain strong footing, even in a terrible storm.

Prerequisites: Profession (sailor) 4 ranks.

Benefit: You gain a +5 competence bonus on Balance checks made while on the deck or in the rigging of a ship. You can move across a slippery deck (see page 20) at your normal speed.499

Normal:Without this feat, each square of movement across a slippery deck costs 2 squares of movement.


You can call upon positive energy to momentarily transform normal water around you into holy water. This feat is often learned by the clerics and paladins of sea gods, as well as aquatic clerics of all stripes.

Prerequisites: Cha 13, ability to channel positive energy.

Benefit: By expending a daily turn undead attempt, you can infuse the water around you with positive energy, which has the same effect as holy water. All creatures in a 20-foot radius around you immediately take damage as though they’d been struck directly by a flask of holy water. The water retains positive energy for a number of rounds equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier, and deals damage each round.

Creatures unaffected by holy water are similarly unaffected by this ability.


You have a sinister reputation as a pirate and can intimidate enemy captains by your mere presence.

Prerequisite: Cha 15, Intimidate 5 ranks.

Benefit: You can make an Intimidate check to daunt the captain of another ship who can see you or your distinctive colors (see the rules on page 25 for sighting another ship). This is opposed by the target character’s modified level check (see Intimidate on page 76 of the Player’s Handbook). If you succeed on the Intimidate check, the target is frightened for as long as it remains able to see you and for 1d6×10 minutes afterward.

A frightened character takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks, and tries to flee from you as best it can. If escape is impossible (for example, due to ship damage or the loss of sails), that character will strike the ship’s colors and surrender.

Even if you fail the check, the target might become shaken unless you fail by 5 or more. This effect lasts as long as the daunting effect.


You are accustomed to the rolling motion on board a ship and can use this motion to your advantage.

Benefit: As long as you are on board a ship, you get a +2 bonus on Balance and Tumble checks, and a +1 bonus on initiative checks.


You form a potent supernatural bond with a ship. Your spells have a more potent effect when cast aboard this ship. Those spellcasters who possess this feat are greatly favored as ship crew.

Prerequisites: Profession (sailor) 2 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks.

Benefit: Add +1 to the caster level of all spells cast while you are aboard a ship that is familiar to you. In addition, spells you cast while aboard a ship that is familiar to you deal no damage to that ship.

It takes one week of living and working aboard a ship to become familiar with it. You can only be familiar with one ship at a time; the familiarity with a particular ship fades should you become familiar with another ship. Additionally, should you remain away from the ship you are familiar with for more than a month, that familiarity fades as well.


You are skilled at casting fiery spells into the water, causing terrible gouts of scalding steam.

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 4 ranks.

Benefit: You need not make a Spellcraft check to successfully cast spells or use spell-like abilities with the fire descriptor targeted on water (see page 93 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide).

Normal: Casting a fire spell or using a spell-like ability targeted on water successfully normally requires a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + spell level).


You gain a boost in spellcasting power during storms.

Benefit: All spells you cast while you are affected by a storm (either natural or magical) are at +1 caster level.


You can project your voice underwater.

Prerequisites: Bardic music class feature, Perform (sing) 4 ranks.

Benefit: By tremendous effort of will and sheer musical ability, you can use Perform (sing) underwater even though you cannot breathe water. This is more like a forceful humming than singing, and words are not intelligible, but you are able to produce bardic music effects. The maximum distance of such effects (where applicable) is unchanged.

This feat does not help with Perform checks involving oratory or wind instruments.

Normal: You cannot use any air-dependent Perform skills underwater if you are not able to breathe water.


You can attack in the middle of a fast pass by your opponent.

Prerequisite: Swim speed.

Benefit: When swimming, you can take a move action and another standard action (such as an attack) at any point during the move. You cannot take a second move action during a round when you make a swim-by attack.

Normal: Without this feat, you take a standard action either before or after your move, but not in the middle of your move.


You are able to hammer your foes more effectively underwater.

Prerequisite: Str 13, Improved Unarmed Strike.

Benefit: When making unarmed strikes, your attacks count as piercing weapons as well as bludgeoning weapons. This allows you to avoid the penalties for using bludgeoning weapons underwater when making unarmed strikes (see Table 3-22: Combat Adjustments Underwater on page 92 of the Dungeon Master's Guide).

Normal: Without a freedom of movement effect, you take a -2 penalty on attacks with bludgeoning weapons and deal only half normal damage.


You favor your aquatic elf parent and have developed the ability to breathe and move about in water easily.

Prerequisite: Aquatic half-elf.

Benefit: You can breathe water as well as air. Your swim speed improves to 20 feet.

Normal: Aquatic half-elves without this feat cannot breathe water and have a swim speed of 15 feet.


You can use song or a wind instrument to compel the winds to obey you. The bard who possesses this feat is highly favored aboard a sailing vessel; indeed, a bard who demonstrates the ability to control the wind to some degree is usually given an officer's position aboard ship.

Prerequisite: Bardic music class feature, Perform (sing or wind instruments) 5 ranks.

Benefit: By expending a daily bardic music use, you can lull the winds around a single ship into well-tamed gusts. They continue to blow into the sails of the ship as normal for their speed, but their effects on the crew are one stage in intensity less (see Table 1-2 on page 23). Thus, a strong wind affected by this ability continues to propel the ship along as normal for a strong wind, but it only affects the crew as though it were a moderate wind.

You can also alter the direction of the wind by one compass point (from north to north-west or north-east, from south-west to west or south, etc.).

These effects last as long as the bard continues to perform his bardic music, plus 10 rounds after the music has ended.